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 Joan Fabian   hosts

Joan of Art  TV Program


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In the summer of 2014 I was invited to host my own TV program called Joan of Art. Since I am aka Joan of Art so to speak my job is to interview artists, curators, gallery directors, and art students on what goes into making, exhibiting and talking about art. I go to artist studios, art museums, art galleries, and art schools to interview and ask questions behind the scenes. My goal is to help others understand art, artists, and the creative processes. I strive to ask challenging questions so as to open the venue to the theories that go into art making-yet also will appeal to those that wish to better understand art. Being an artist myself helps me be your guide to the challenging world of art. Please join me!


The program is the brainchild of Kathy Armstrong of InTV and San Antonio College. This cable program is funded by the City of San Antonio, Texas and managed by the Department of Creative Multimedia at San Antonio College.



Guests: Meg Langhorne, Epitome Institute / Say Si Art School / Rene Bailreaux, Curator at The McNay Art Museum / Randall Garrett, Canadian Artist

/Kathy Cunningham-Little, Light Artist

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